#JeSuisCharlie – Ideas cannot be killed

JeSuisCharlie Brown
Last week saw the killing by two armed men of 12 people in Paris. Something that caused anger from around the world.

The attack happened at the offices of the French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo.

The people who were killed were cartoonists. People who’s job is to make fun at people. Unfortunately, some of the people didn’t see the funny side and decided to “get their own back”.

The reason they gave is because it offended their interpretation of their religion. I am not going to mention which one it is as what they did was just murder. They thought it was their right as members of their religion but for the world that didn’t matter.

It was in the aftermath that was more surprising. The world came together in condemning the savage act. They came together in a way that was strange. They came together in humour. Mocking what they have done as well as standing up to what they believe in. All in cartoon form.

It wasn’t only The West who drew these cartoons. It was the Middle East as well. That part was, in a way, most shocking as that area isn’t well known for condemning this sort of attack. They did and the world was happier.

Not only that, social media was alive with the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie. I Am Charlie. A way of the world to stand up against this horrendous attack and what happened over the next few days. A phase that will be as remembered for this attack as Kennedy’s Ich bin ein Berliner phrase of solidarity from 1963.

The most amazing thing happened over the weekend where over a million people, In Paris, marched in solidarity. Many carrying signs saying Je Suis Charlie. Any were also carrying pencils, one of the tools of the cartoonist, showing that trying to kill an idea will not work. It wasn’t only that million people marching in solidarity but over 3.5 million marched around France.
Many of the World’s leaders were also shown in solidarity by also marching in Paris on the same day.
It didn’t matter what religion you were on that march. You were just French. All showing their solidarity to the people who were murdered in cold blood.

Unfortunately, this event was also hijacked by some members of society to further their own aims. The far right organisations who claim that this was because of Europe’s open border policy. Other used the attacker’s religion as another reason to protest. All doing the opposite of what they should have done. Some British politicians also tried to score political points in their comments about immigration.

It wasn’t only that area of politics went the wrong way. In America, comments were made that if people were armed then this wouldn’t have happened. Someone who doesn’t understand the world outside their own borders.

My thoughts go out to the friends, family and colleagues of the 17 people who lost their lives in these senseless attacks. I do hope that something like this will not happen again but, realistically, I know I am just dreaming.