Atheist suicide bomber?

I was listening to something on my iPod when atheism was mentioned as well as Richard Dawkins.

That got me thinking about that as well as religion in general. I have to say that I describe myself as a Lapsed Atheist if anyone asks. It makes people laugh and then think. I sometimes lapse into religion! It’s bad I know, I’m trying to be a good atheist but sometimes it fails!

Something else that we never hear about is the fundamentalist side of atheism. It must exist somewhere. I can’t think of it. Some people have referred to Richard Dawkins as a radical atheist. Isn’t that completely different to a fundamentalist atheist? Can someone please let me know…

You don’t see a atheist strapping explosives to their body and blowing something up in the name of a deity that doesn’t exist. Unlike the Muslim or Christian side of fundamentalism! Should that be radical side or am I splitting semantic hairs?

militant athiest
The Christian fundamentalist do, in my opinion, seem to be a deeply cynical bunch. Cherry picking, seemingly random, parts of the bible to make their point. Be that the Old or the New testament. Ignoring what Jesus actually said or bits that disagree with their stance.

These are the people who quote Leviticus about gay marriage but happily eating shellfish and other “unclean” animals.

These are the same sort of people who protest outside abortion clinics as they believe “all life is sacred”. They do this by shooting the doctors and the other members of staff at these places. I’m sure, you may have to correct me if I’m wrong, that this is frond upon by their God. Something about the ten commandments.

church verses state
Shouldn’t a fundamentalist Christian actually follow Jesus’ teachings? Give all their money to the poor and forgive everyone for what they do? Not shooting and killing people because they are doing something legal?

Sometimes when you hear the real red-neck fundamentalist going on about the evils of everyone but themselves. All I tend to hear after a while is the adults form Charlie Brown cartoons. Waa Waa Waaaa. They are like conspiracy theorists. What every you say as a reasoned argument they ignore and go off on a rant about their own ideas.

Sorry about that. Back to the main thread. What is a fundamentalist atheist. I have no idea. Is it like a born again atheist? Someone who tries to force their lack of belief on you at any, and all, occasions?

If you think you can force your own religious views on an atheist. Don’t! We can argue, any, religion with you but it may take a little longer and involve some help from Mr Google. It’s quite common to have your misguided view of your religion smashed by a non-believer.

Being an atheist doesn’t mean that we don’t know, or can argue about, your religion. All it means is that we don’t believe in your deity. That is if you ignore the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I’m not going to get involved in the Atheist vs Agnostic debate as I can’t remember the differences and can’t be bothered to look it up as research is the thing that is lacking in this blog.