Confusions and Connections – Branding

As with a lot of other websites, we like to keep our identity the same over other websites that link to us.

With that in mind, can you follow the below guidelines in regards to the use of Confusions and Connections brand on your website.

Confusions and Connections Font

Confusions and Connections Name use

  • Keep all words the same, font, size
  • Capitalise the words Confusions & Connections. Keep and lowercase
  • Do not substitute and for & ( ampersand )
  • Keep an equal spacing between words
  • Line up the n,a & o in accordance with the light blue line.
  • The font is “Bad Films” (click to download)

Confusions and Connections logotype

  • Two options are available for use on websites to link to Confusions and Connections.
  • Please keep enough horizontal space around the image, as shown in the images below
Top colour - #EEE759 Bottom colour - #DEAD2C Logo colour - #000000 Logo colour - #000000
Top colour – #EEE759
Bottom colour – #DEAD2C
Logo colour – #000000
Logo colour – #000000
Background colour – #FFFFFF

Confusions and Connections – Linking to the website

  • Link to
  • Link back to the original source if you wish to use any of the content on this website.