Flags flying over Facebook

You may have noticed over the last week, a lot of your Facebook friends have been changing their profile picture so it shows the French flag overlay.  This was meant to show solidarity for the people of France and the people killed on November 13 in Paris.  Some only for a day or two but now most of them are back to normal.

I wasn’t one of the people who did that.  I did change my profile pic but not by using the overlay.  I dug up Photoshop and played around.

I put one up on the 14th.  I did notice that it could be read in multiple ways.  Only after putting it up.  The choice of Asterix drawing his sword.  Was I sending out a message saying that this is going to happen to the people behind the attack?  It wasn’t and was never meant to be.  It’s just because that image was the right size for what I needed it for!

Asterix and the french flag - FacebookI have just, today, changed it today to something similar.  This time to remember everyone who have been injured, or killed, by the cowards that bomb and kill innocent people in the name of their idea.  Be that the thugs from ISIS, IS, ISIL , Daesh or whatever they have decided to call themselves this week to other Muslim fanatics.  The ones that call themselves Christians but then go on to kill people they think are doing things against their faith.  not just people from one country but all of the people who have seen the horrors of terrorismFacebook profile picture 2I also did the same over on twitter for my profile pic.  Something look familiar?

Paris Twitter Avatar World Twitter Avatar

Remember when you read that all immigrants from a certain country, or religion, shouldn’t be allowed into a country, just remember one of the countries that has someone running for president wants all Muslims to be forced to be put on a register.  These are people who are scared by what they have seen at home.  They have put their lives on the line to people they don’t truest and who don’t care about them apart from it’s making money out of it.

Refugees - Where are you from?

Think about that these people have been trough.  They are not doing this for exercise.  They are doing it to save their lives