From #jeSuisCharlie to #jeSuisParis

The world weaps for ParisIn January I wrote about the attack on Charlie Hebdo.  This time another attack has happened in the City of Lights.  This time it cost over 100 lives.  Everyone was just out for a night after a long week at work.

It was done in the name of God, sorry Allah.  We have seen this thinkg before over the years.  From the PLO hijacking aircraft via “The Troubles” to the likes of IS and, now to a lesser extent, al-Qaeda.

It was strange as I caught something on Facebook about gunfire in Paris and thought that was odd.  It wasn’t until I got out of the pub and got a taxi back to my friends that we found out, from the taxi driver, what had happened.

Back in January we had the world stand behind Paris with cartoons like the one below.  Today it is just “Je Suis Paris“.  We have forgotten about Charlie Hebdro.  The two attacks maybe connected but then again it’s better to assume that they are not.

from JeSuisCharlie to JeSuisParisThe terrorists want us to be unstable.  Pick on Muslims, blame them for a small fraction of their religion who want to do things like this.  Then the people who have persuaded these people to do this, just carry on in their ivory towers.

These people don’t care about the people who have died.  All they care about is what they can take from the aftermath.  Take credit for it.  It may have been them or not  It looks better if they can take the credit.  It makes them seem more organised than they are.

My heart goes out to all the friends who have been killed or injured.  Family members who won’t be home for Christmas

305625607Just before I finish.  I leave you with what the French football fan at the Stade De France did when they were finally allowed to leave.  A piece of resistance, or something to help everyone.  They sang La Marseillaise when they were leaving.

I’ll leave you with two things.  the first is the stupidity os some people.  The sort of people who believe all Muslims are evil.  A good one is the tweet below.

Stupid people on twitterWhat I want to know is when did the IRA, UDF, ETA and the rest convert to Islam.  They must have done it sneakily as it’s been missed by the media!

I leave you with a sign that sums up everything about the November 13 attacks and what we should do to stop it!

Stop Killing People you Fucking twats