Close our borders

Close or borders - Sorry we're closed
Close our borders seems to be the call of some people in the UK as well as other countries around the world.  Let’s look at this from a logically cynical standpoint

If we do close our borders, how long will this country survive without the ships that bring the food into this country?  That computer game that has just been released?  Sorry, you can’t have it as we can’t get it into the country as our borders are closed!  The local hospital can’t see you as the doctor is trapped abroad and can’t get home.

These people are tarring the same people who follow a religion because of a few fundamentalists.  Why not close down all the churches because of what the KKK have done. Or what the Westboro Baptist Church have done?  Why is that any different?  Is it because you claim to be a Christian, like the fundamental terrorists in your religion?  That’s OK as they are white and not “foreign looking

KKKPlease tell me how different this is? We have persecuted people who follow the “wrong” religion before.  Does that sound familiar from history at school? It took people of that religion until the 19th century before they got all their rights back.

What will this help to protect the country? Stopping the 1,00s of perfectly law abiding people entering the country because of 1 or 2 of them maybe thinking about blowing something up?

See what America has done since 9/11. Founding the TSA to protect the county against terrorists. How many of these people have been stopped in the last 14 years? Precisely zero! Not only that, the 95% success rate, in tests, to smuggle weapons past these people.

We have seen this sort of knee jerk reaction time and again. Close this. Ban that. What does it do? Nothing apart from making problems for almost everyone who just wants to get on with their lives.  Even playing into the hands of the terrorists who want to disrupt normal life.

Would closing borders actually do any good?  Probably not as the terrorists are probably already in the country that they want to cause chaos in.  Leave the borders open but go back to how borders used to be.  Controlled.

UK Border control