Greenlit Productions Launches Fundraising Campaign for Pandemic Documentary Start.Stop.Repeat

Greenlit Productions are thrilled to officially launch the fundraising campaign for Nidhi Gupta’s feature length documentary on pandemics, Start.Stop.Repeat.

Nidhi will be drawing on her expertise as a frontline NHS doctor, filmmaker and someone who has been personally affected by Coronavirus to produce and direct the film with the backing of Greenlit. Start.Stop.Repeat will delve into the history of global health catastrophes and follow a series of interviews with scholars, activists and political figures to try and make sense of how the world will move on from the global pandemic.

The aim of the feature will be to answer some of the most pressing questions in our current climate; what does the future hold? Will we learn from the past? Will the pandemic change anything about how we live, and our society looking forward? Importantly, Start.Stop.Repeat will uncover some of the positive effects of past pandemics and examine how we can use these findings to cultivate a less dystopian post COVID19 outlook.

Working on the frontline of medicine when Coronavirus hit, treating patients suffering from the most deadly symptoms, Nidhi herself contracted the disease and found herself admitted to a COVID ward as a patient. Months later, recovery is still ongoing. Nidhi experienced the pain and suffering caused by COVID-19 both professionally and personally.

The film will be non-profit and will guarantee that any income generated will go to Food Bank charities. With the Coronavirus hitting every aspect of society hard, the team are asking for your help, to be part of the solution and find a positive post-Covid19 world. Please follow this link to join the fundraising campaign.

Nidhi has assembled a great team, while she still recovers from her significant Covid19 infection, she continues to care for patients on the NHS frontline.

Peter J. Storey, Greenlit Founder and CEO said, “It’s extremely exciting to be working on the fundraising for Start.Stop.Repeat. Nidhi is both a serious and passionate filmmaker, and a dedicated frontline doctor. In these confusing times, her insight and distinct voice is unique in helping us understand what’s happening, and more importantly, where we might go next. Our mission at Greenlit has always been to empower filmmakers who don’t fit into the regular boxes, and the righteous anger of Start.Stop.Repeat feels essential right now.