What happened in Flint?

On the back of a nail-biting US election where Biden flipped the previously Trump-voted state of Michigan, the documentary FLINT is the astonishing, untold story of the man-made disaster that continues to haunt America and airs Tuesday 1st December 2020 at 10pm on BBC Scotland and BBC iPlayer nationwide thereafter.

The film โ€“ which is described as a ‘monumental testimonial’ on the Flint water disaster in the USA – is made by British director Anthony Baxter and narrated by Alec Baldwin.

FLINT is the gripping story of the largest water poisoning disaster in American history, as seen through the eyes of the people of Flint, Michigan, whose health and lives have been shattered. It exposes the power battles and political failures that leave the people of Flint โ€“ a majority of whom are African-American – drinking contaminated water rejected by the local General Motors car factory because it corrodes car parts.

For a world coming to grips with issues of racial injustice and a lack of trust in government and science, FLINT is a devastating and timely insight about what happens when that trust completely breaks down.