It’s not only my heart

I had to give blood a couple of weeks ago in regards to my recent health issues. It was just a regular blood test to see what was happening and if the pills I’m on are working correctly.

I was a little worried about the results as I did have a problem about a week after my heart attack that put me back into hospital for a week. That did seem to be fine by the time I escaped.  They did find something up when they took blood and the results were abnormal on one of the tests.

Today, I get a letter through my door from the doctors in regards to the last set of blood tests. The scary bit is below:

You may have diabetes...

If you can’t read it then it says:

Your recent blood test has shown some impairment if your body’s ability to handle sugar, but this needs to be clarified by a repeat blood test in 3 month’s time.

In other words, it’s now not only my heart is playing up but my pancreas could be doing the same…

now what to order?That being the production of insulin that controls the level of sugar in my body.

Over the last month I have gone from someone in “full health” to having a heart attack and now possibly on the way to getting Type 2 diabetes. Getting back to work is talking a lot more time to recover from than I first realised as I have tried to get back to do some work this week without that much success.

I thought I was fine but actually sitting down and trying to work was an entirely different prospect.  That’s brought me down a little and I do need to get out and get some exercise done.

On the other hand, I’m not sure where to go from here as I need to get walking to get my fitness back but the way I feel I don’t want to get out.  Hopefully this will change over the next couple of weeks and be back to top form both in my body and mind.