Why can’t life be like this?

For everyone out there who regularly reads this blog you will know that I’ve had some health issues over the last five weeks.

This again has me thinking about life, health and, most importantly, cartoons. Mainly about how fun life would be if we didn’t need to worry about breaking bones, falling off cliffs, the odd anvil falling on your head, having your beak blown off by crazy hunters and their shotguns… This list can go on and on and on for too many reasons to be sensible so I will stop it there.

Something like the below happening to our esteemed test dummy, W.E. Coyote esq., would normally kill anyone who tried it in real life. In a cartoon world, this would only need a couple of asprin to sort out the headache and you would be back at work the next day.

It's all going to be fine in the end?

This would mean that there wouldn’t be a profession called “Doctor”, well apart from all the psychologists that will be needed to tend to the incompetent predators trying to catch their prey who have suffered from the psychological injuries that can occur after falling off cliffs, having anvils and rocks land on your head.

The other thing will have to worry about is physics. This will need to be changed as gravity would have to, occasionally, lag behind events. The prime example would be running over a cliff. Then gravity would have to wait until you notice that you have stopped too late and missed the cliff edge.

The realisation that things might be wrong

This is a good state to be in as our test subject hasn’t realised his pediment and as such is perfectly save, even if he is stuck in the middle of the air without any ground supporting him.

Shortly he may then have to look down and then good old gravity will then kick back into action.  with that his nice life will then go a touch wrong and this will happen:

Gravity in action

Finally, you have to keep an eye around you as some things out there aren’t the things that you would expect…

Not psychotic, just invisible