Love, Rosie

Two lifelong friends, Rosie and Alex, are at a turning point in their lives. Then Rosie becomes pregnant and her life takes a dramatic change. The only problem is that they just can’t get themselves together…

There is the perfect man for Rosie but she cannot see him standing in front of her. Her best friend, Alex.

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Love Rosie poster

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The question is simple – will they get together and live happily ever after or will fate, and distance between them, still take a turn?

LOVE, ROSIE centres on Rosie and her best friend Alex who take a leap of faith, both on life and on each other, when they decide to go to the US together to attend university. But fate has other plans for Rosie. Over the next 12 years their lives change dramatically but the connection remains.

Meeting UK cinemas October 22, 2014