New timetables to my life

Waiting for the train because of the new timetableFrom today all of the train timetables for my daily commute have been changed. If it was by five or ten minutes then that wouldn’t be a problem. For some unknown reason, they have been changed by thirty! This means that now get an extra half-hour asleep but arrives in Manchester around twenty five minutes later. Instead of getting to my desk at, around, quarter to nine, it’s now looking like it’ll be closer to ten past.

As I tend to write blog posts on the daily journey to and from work, today will be no different. It may contain some rant about “why did they have to change it so much?” Ten to fifteen minutes would be perfect for me. Not half an hour!

Not only that, the time between the two trains that I catch is now only gives me a ten minute window for the change. Will this give me enough time to get my morning coffee? A report about that will appear below.

What I want to know is simple. Why? Why change it so radically that it means that commuters will be late to work, or an hour early, every day. It just annoys me as this will be running for at least six more months. I’m sure that delays will annoy me. Not only because it’s a delay but being even later into the office.

On the plus side, I haven’t had that many delays over the time I’ve been doing the commute. The delays are normally down to people becoming unwell or, the good old-fashioned, “Act of God“. We are never told which one. My money would be on Eris or Discordia for someone to investigate to start with.

The good news is that, today, I have had enough time to grab my morning coffee. On the minus, I now know that there are two trains joining up to make one to Manchester Airport. I’ll just have to wait at the platform and not get worried when one train arrives early.

The annoying thing, for this journey is the gentleman opposite me with his bag dumped on the table so giving me little space to ramble. He may reappear as I am trying to slowly push the bag onto his lap 🙂

That didn’t happen even if he did leave his bag on the table throughout the journey. Being British, I didn’t complain or ask him to move it.

All in all, I was fifteen minutes late and then spent the next half-hour fixing computers!