Trump is Number One

A film Donald Trump tried to suppress by issuing legal threats – has clinched the top spot on the iTunes documentary download chart in the UK.

You’ve Been Trumped Too, described by The Guardian’s leading film critic Peter Bradshaw as ‘more relevant than ever’, tells the story of a former WW2 land girl Donald Trump says reminds him of his own mother. It was released last week worldwide by Journeyman Pictures following a four year battle for distribution. The film’s 2016 release was suppressed following a threat by Mr Trump’s company, to take legal action against cinemas showing the film. Newspaper editors were also threatened with litigation by Trump International, if they repeated allegations about the treatment of 92 year old Molly Forbes and other residents.

But despite attempts to quash the film, You’ve Been Trumped Too is now the most watched documentary in Britain according to data released by iTunes. It’s predecessor, You’ve Been Trumped which Mr Trump attempted to block from being broadcast on BBC2, is at number two.

The Scottish residents, dubbed ‘local heroes’ for refusing to sell their properties to Mr Trump, say they have faced years of harassment and bullying at the hands of the billionaire, while he built his luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire. The intimidation shown in the film includes building huge walls of earth built around their homes and the water supply to pensioner Molly, being severed by Mr Trump’s builders.

Director Anthony Baxter said, “Mr Trump’s attempts to stifle freedom of speech have ultimately failed. And we’re pleased to see both films finding an audience ahead of the most important election in US history.

Mr Trump has previously threatened to sue Baxter on Twitter. And the story of the films has gone viral in the United States with nearly 650,000 people tuning in to an interview with the director on television channel, TYT. Other US networks have also featured the film’s release.

You’ve Been Trumped Too was released on 18th August on iTunes, GooglePlay, Journeyman VOD and Vimeo. A release on Amazon is expected to follow next month.