You need more than a chicken to survive the Voodoo Apocalypse

After getting cops & masked wrestlers who are all skilled in kung fu everyone is prepared for the zombies to attack! Voodoo Apocalypse is a comic look back at the great “grindhouse films” of the 1970s

With self referencing humour (spot some of the films referenced in the below trailer) the film is a great mix of genres all set in the gritty era of 70s gridhouse, with a slapttering ox ‘plotation films of the time)

Not only do we have the above trailer but there is also a red band one. WIth more blood, rude words & the punchline to the above one there!

With that, we also have a great gallery of Voodoo images from the film!

After disappearing for five years, detective Charlie Vargas returns to Los Angeles to avenge the death of his former partner. Along with White Chocolate, a young detective with a chip on his shoulder, the two enter a world of Black Magic, Zombies and Mexican Wrestling, in search of the infamous drug trafficker and murderer, Jimmy Vanilla.