Tad is coming home in his latest misadventure

Prepare for family friendly adventure with the international animated hit TAD THE LOST EXPLORER AND THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY, available to Download & Keep November 23, to rent December 5 and to own on DVD December 26 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

Offering irresistible fun that the whole family can enjoy, TAD THE LOST EXPLORER AND THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY is an action-packed journey around the globe in the spirit of Indiana Jones. The third film in the Tad franchise, this latest installment became the second-highest-grossing animated film in Spain this year and the second biggest opening weekend for a Spanish film in 2022.

Get ready to journey across the world with the most ambitious (and clumsiest) adventurer of all time — “Tad” Jones! An ancient spell is unleashed when a slight blunder destroys a rare sarcophagus. Now, Tad must team up with his friends Sara and his ‘oldest pal’ Mummy to race across the far corners of the Earth to stop the curse of the Emerald Tablet before things get really out of hand.

TAD THE LOST EXPLORER AND THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY will also be available in a 2-Movie Collection on Digital platforms with the second film in the franchise, TAD THE LOST EXPLORER AND THE SECRET OF KING MIDAS.