See more of The Dude

The Dude is back with the 20th anniversary trailer for The Big Lebowski.  It does show some, now extremely, dated jokes that were all the rage 20 years ago.  This trailer does assume that you are aware of what’s the film is about a lot more than the original trailer.  Then again, if you’re going to be watching this film at the cinema, you probably already know what’s it about.

If you want to know the differences between that and the one that was released 20 yeara gao. It’s quite a lot but one gag has stayed in both. You can hit play and watch it below.

‘The Dude’, Jeff Lebowski, is unemployed and as laid-back as they come. That is until he becomes a victim of mistaken identity, and two thugs break into his apartment with the errant belief that they’re strong-arming Jeff Lebowski – the Pasadena millionaire. In the hope of getting a replacement for his soiled carpet, ‘the Dude’ pays a visit to his wealthy namesake…