Chickens in good voice

The Manhattan flash from Chicken in BlackYesterday I talked about robots. This time I’m on a totally different track. Chickens!

Why chickens I hear you ask. The answer is simple, Country & Western music.

One of the best songs from the 70s was from Jonny Cash. A parody of his classic The Man In Black. A heart-warming story of a man who had a fatal condition that was cured by a doctor, but with some slight side-effects. He became a famous bank robber, the Manhattan Flash.

It has everything you would expect from a song from this genre. loss, heart break and a touch of syrup. Not only that, it will stick in your head for days and days. A song that you will see the original in a totally different light.

Some people will say that his cover of Hurt, a Nine Inch Nails song, is his best but I dissagree. If you haven’t heard this song. Chicken In Black!

Just remember, if you have five bucks to blow go and see that Johnny Chicken Show!