Alderaan deserved what it got

Alderaan destructionThere you go.  I’ve said it, Alderaan deserved everything it got!

It was claimed that it was a peaceful planet but it was the base of operations for one of the terrorist’s highest placed leaders of the organisation called “The Rebel Alliance“. That is Princess Leia Organa. Someone who was hiding behind diplomatic privileges to spy on the legal government of the galaxy. One that she helped to create!

From the viewpoint of the films, we are shown that we are following the terrorists that are planning on overthrowing The Empire by violent means.  Does this sound familiar on what’s going on in the world at the moment?

Terrorist leader Princess LeiaNot only that, we have the princess, smuggling the plans of the “Death Star“.  Why not call it “Galactic Peacekeeper“?  That what the government was trying to do.  Stop the terrorists from overthrowing the government!  They almost succeeded in using this peacekeeper to destroy the terrorists.  They, unfortunately, had enough time not only to get the smuggled plans from a small R2 unit, decode the files, find a weakness and launch an attack before the Galactic Peacekeeper could get into range

Terrorists on the attackSome people don’t believe that this was possible and it must have been an inside job perpetrated by the only member of the high command to survive.

Alderaan had to be destroyed.  Think of it like Dresden, Hiroshima, Coventry. A large statement against the enemy to prove what they can do.  Can we believe what Princess Leia Oragana said about it being peaceful as she is shown to be lying to various governmental officials.  She is sneaky and using diplomatic privileges to hide behind whist she is trying to undermine the stability of the galaxy.