Good government organisation?

Good GovernmentWhy not have a good government organisation?

Listening, again, to the BBC radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage has given me the impetus to write about something.

Evil governmentThis time it’s about secret organisations in The Government. We all know about the, secret, government departments that are there to do evil and try and control you with their new world order.

What I give to you is a little bit of logic, and Newton. If there is an arm of the government out there for evil there must be, logically, one for good.

This is quite hard, currently, to believe that this is the case with wars and austerity going on all over the world. They have to be there as their counterparts in the evil camp. There is as much evidence out there to show that this is true. In the same way that all the “evidence” of the evil side of the government tends to be on websites of people who also believe that man never landed on the moon or the US government is keeping the Roswell aliens and their craft hidden underground in Area 51. We all know that Area 51 is a lie. The real place is Area 42 – so secret a place I am risking my life mentioning it in public!

Back to the good secret arm of the government. Why can’t it exist? We need balance. If there is evil, there has to be good!

Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. LogoSo what could this organisation be called? It has to have a cool acronym. It has not to be cool enough to be obvious but can easily be hidden on the country’s balance sheet to keep the proletariat in their place. It should have an acronym that means nothing. Sort of something like SHIELD.

That organisation, so we have been told, doesn’t exist. We all know what that means! The US Government is keeping that one very quiet!