Learn more about the upcoming Pet Sematary

Want to find out more about the upcoming version of the classic Stephen King’s novel.  Want to know how many cats were used in the movie then we have an answer for you.  If, on the other hand, you want to know how Stephen got the original idea for the book then we can answer that as well.

The information is split over the next 7 pages:

  1. The Twist – The decision behind the biggest change from the novel
  2. The Rebirthday – Celebrating 35 years of Stephen King
  3. The Legacy – Impact of the novel on the filmmakers
  4. The Maine Attraction – The Influence of It and link to our film
  5. The Cat – Key facts about the feline star
  6. The Tragic Movie Pets – Thought starters for editorial content
  7. The Locations – Key film location facts