Ink, Rude Words & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ink, Cocks & Rock’Roll, the new short film from American: The Bill Hicks Story director Matt Harlock and controversial artist, Steve Martin is a unique and hilarious film about Steve and his artistic, evil alter ego Krent Able, which gives fascinating insight in to the dark mystery which lies behind the creative mind of one of the brightest talents on the UK graphics scene.

Working as Krent Able, Steve Martin first came to success with his wildly popular takedowns of Nick Cave, Kanye West and Morrisey for publications such as The NME, Guardian Guide, Vice and The Stool Pigeon.

Krent & Steve now need your help.  They have a kickstarter running for their new film.  Deep Clean.  A short film about plugging up demonic portals.  Think Shaun of the Dead or Attack the Block and you have a good idea of where this would be going.