Bleach is sometimes the only answer

You Googled WhatSometimes you just do a, seemingly innocuous, Google image search and the next thing you are doing is grabbing for the brain bleach.  Other times, you have something pop-up on Facebook and that grabs you in shock.

The latter struck earlier today.  The images that caused my shock are not going to appear on the page.  If you wish to see the images, just click on the image and then you can see what has shocked me!

Trying desperately to get that image out of my head
Click to see the shocking image

Gouge out my eyeballsThat was shocking as I scrolled through my Facebook timeline. Especially if you’re a Star Wars fan! Then I decided, my own stupidity, to search for Eye & Brain Bleach! That was a mistake!  I discovered that as I scrolled down.  Most were fine until I hit one of the creator of Spider-Man just wearing a copy of Marvel comics or Ian McShane in Cosmo using a Sausage dog to protect his modesty!

Back to Stan Lee’s image.  It isn’t that bad compared to others that are out there.  It’s more comical than erotic…  Same procedure as before.  Just click on the image to see what I mean

Thank you for showing me that image

See what I mean?  More comical than erotic.  I’m not sure what they were aiming for.  Whatever it was, they missed by a mile.

Now missing things by a mile makes me think of…

Stay on topic

Sorry, after finding strange things on the web still takes me back to the classic,  Now it can be found at – You can copy & paste that link if you want to see the classic website.  You have been warned!  Enter at your own risk!

Eye Bleach bathBasically, this post can be summed up in a couple of words.  Be careful what you search for as you will hit something to make you go eurgh!  Just grab for a bottle of Brain bleach and start pouring until the image has been removed.

Please do not try this with real bleach.  Only brain, or eye, bleach will work as Febreeze in the eyes only brings more pain.

I will leave you with Patty & Selma Bouvier and what they think of what can be found on Google image search

There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality