Bad Movies and a new blog

Long time readers of this blog should realise that I also love bad movies.  With that confession out of the way.

Minions loving bad moviesThis is actually to advertise a new blog that I’ve just started to show you what disgustingly painful films that we have seen over the years.  It should have been started at the start but we forgot.  This has now been rectified and from now on we’ll keep you up-to-date with what we have suffered each Friday.

This is something that we don’t normally do.  We tend to have to try something stronger than watching the film in the same way that Michael Jackson would… We need a couple of drinks to get us in the right move. Not easily moved so we can’t run away from what we are about to see

Popcorn for the film

The blog has a name and, currently, a simple logo.  That one may change but who knows.  Let me introduce to you our movie night blog

Bad Movies and beyond logo
Click and you will be transported

All “reviews” should be quite short.  On the other hand we do tend to watch 3 films per movie night so it might be quite long.  On the other hand, it’ll only be one, or occasionally, two posts a week.

This is more for us so we can keep track as we do have the below issue with some that we may, or may not, have seen over the years…

You have failed me brain

Kill it with fireOccasionally there are the sort of films that look “good” on paper but then you start watching it and then abandon it half way through.  We are connoissewers of bad movies not masochists!

This isn’t something that we do often but if the film is just totally unwatchable we will abandon it and go onto something more interesting.  The thing is that our “rules” of the night have changed over the years.  in other words, if it’s bad enough we will ignore some aspects of the guidelines that keep us watching this sort of movie.

The best sort of movie that we can watch is 80s monster horror as this tends to bring out the best in creature workshops.  That and making very rubbery heads, arms, weapons and rocks.  The amount of times we have seen rocks harmlessly bouncing of the heads of the talent is too numerous to count.

So head over to Bad Movies & beyond and find out what we have watched that weekend…