No Oscar for Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict CumberbatchThere is a lot of Buzz around Benedict Cumberbatch and him winning the Oscar for Actor in a Lead Role. I don’t think he will get it, assuming he is nominated for the honour. I will tell you why:

  1. He’s British & not playing the baddie.
  2. It’s a war film. They don’t tend to do that well. I know Shindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan won Oscars. It’s not that common for The Academy to give acting honours to war films.
  3. He’s playing a gay character who’s the hero. I know Tom Hanks won for Philadelphia, but his character was dying from AIDS. He, and his character, are American.
  4. The story isn’t that well known in America as it is in the UK. You have to remember that America won the war all by itself! It did have a little help from the British if war films are to be believed, U-571 anyone?
  5. It’s a film about science and computers. People may get bored with the science instead of the performances

I would love to be proved wrong. I just have the feeling that he will lose out to a more Hollywood friendly film. Just have a look at who has won the Oscar for a film and who they were against. I’m sure you will see some on the list to make you go Why did X win as Y was a lot better in Z!. He does have a better chance of winning a BAFTA for the role as that “academy” tends to go towards Brits.

Even with all of this, I may put a small bet on Benedict winning. Who knows, I maybe proved wrong. Currently, his odds are 4/1 to win the Oscar even if names haven’t even been announced yet.