Gotti gets to come home

With one of the lowest scores ever on Rotten Tomatoes, 0%, Gotti is coming home so you can watch it.

Critics have described it as “the worst mob movie of all time“. It a sort of film that could end up being a cult classic but by the sounds of it it is so inept that it’s not going to get that honour. Even multiple directors and even more producers could save this sinking ship of a movie.

Watch the trailer ans see if that changes your mind about the movie.  It did for me but not in a good way!  It just seems to swing from one recognisable scene from any number of better gangster films but not linked with any semblance of talent.

A film that could have been great but ended up as a parody of what gangster films, and biopics, should be.

Gangster John Joseph Gotti ascended through the ranks of New York’s Italian mob with a lethal and effective blend of loyalty and ruthlessness.

Gotti possessed an avid mind for strategic planning and was able to manipulate the pieces of the underworld’s puzzle to his benefit. The protégée of underboss Aniello Dellacroce, Gotti managed to transform an already successful operation run by the Gambino crime family into one of the most powerful criminal organizations in NY history. The “Teflon Don”, as he would come to be known, would secure his place as the head of this family through a bloody coup carried out in the streets of Manhattan in the 1980s.

Racketeering, drugs, loan sharking, gambling, extortion, and murder became commonplace for Gotti and his crew; betrayal and involvement with the police was the ultimate taboo. But given his prominence and gruesome antics, Gotti quickly became a highly desired suspect in the FBI investigation to derail the group’s profitable illegal activities.

Arching back and forth between the crucial events that shaped his illicit career during the 1970s, and the aftermath in the 90s when illness ravaged his health, the film presents a man whose path was marked by violence, ambition, and, despite it all, love for his family.