Talking all things Game at PLAY Expo

PLAY Expo Manchester 2017It’s been a while since we went over to Manchester to cover the 2017 PLAY Expo there.  Unfortunately, it’s taken this long to get all the interviews cut together as I’ve managed to get a new job and my cohort, and editor, was also incredibly busy.

As you can see in the interviews below we had a great time talking to a number of passionate game makers. It’s an interesting mix of games from classic 80s inspired shoot-em-ups to more co-operative games that will reward you for helping each other.

Just click on the tab of the game you wish to hear more about. Just don’t forget to scroll down to watch our interview with the great Geek Pride.

All Contact Lost


Employee of the Month

Hyper Sentinel

Mechanic Panic

Otterman Empire

Space Toads


I did mention in an earlier post that we also talked to Geek Pride and this is what he had to say.

I’m sorry that some of the audio quality isn’t the best but that’s down to the venue as we’ve tried our best to make the best of what we had 🙁