Looking back at PLAY Expo

Last weekend saw the 6th PLAY Expo in Manchester. Not only that, Confusions & Connections got the chance to cover the event for you.

We had the chance to talk to most of the Indie Game producers who were showing their games. Ranging from fighting pirates to a space shoot-em-up that you can play in “Spectrum graphics mode“. A huge amount of fun from very enthusiastic game developers that does rub off on you. Expect to see another post showing all these wonderfully creative & enthusiastic people talking about their games and the future of the scene in the near future.

Not only did we see a great selection of passionate developers but there was also a ton of old arcade machines ranging from the 70s to modern day. For the gamers who loved the noise and feel of Pinball they were in heaven. I know I was as this is the sort of thing I love. Ranging from classic 60s machines to cutting edge machines that incorporated large video screens that were being played by people of all ages. Seeing small kids playing PUCK MAN ( Yep, that was the original name of the famous PAC-MAN game but was changed when it was noticed that with a bit of vandalism it could be changed into a word that is better left off this family friendly blog – I’m sure you can figure it out! ) was nice as I remember playing that sort of games when they originally came out in the 1980s

GEEK PRIDE was there showing their allegiance to all things geeky. We did manage to get an interview with “The Boss” ( that may involve funky dancing ) so expect that soon .

There was something for everyone there. From playing on classic 8bit consoles to the latest tech using Oculus Rift hardware and more-or-less everything in between.

If you didn’t want to stare into a monitor for hours you could play some classic board games to keep you busy.

An amazing day and we are looking forward to covering, or just going to, next year’s event. A great day out for the whole family.