Cops and Monsters: Uprising needs your help

Crowdfunding Packages include (but not limited to)

£1000 – Be an Executive Producers!

As well as being credited as an Executive Producer for series 2 on the episodes, you’ll also be given an IMDb credit for the series, listed on the end credits on Amazon Prime UK and US. You’ll receive a blu-ray and DVD copy of Volume 1 and 2, signed script from volume 2, a signed A3 poster, a Cops and Monsters t-shirt, personalised PITS badge and a digital copy of the soundtrack.

£300 – Be a Producer!

We’ll credit you as a producer on the IMDB entry for Cops and Monsters series 2, along with a signed copy of a series 2 script and a copy of series 1 on DVD! We’ll also give you a DVD copy of episode 1 and 2 of series 2.

£150 – Be Our Sponsor!

In return for buying this perk we will feature your company’s logo and website on our official website, plus a credit on the end titles of this episode. We can also feature your product or branding in our new episode.

£100 – Be An Associate Producer!

We’ll credit you as an associate producer on the IMDB entry for Cops and Monsters series 2, along with a signed copy of a series 2 script!

£40 – Be a Monster!

Buy this perk and you can be a vampire, werewolf or zombie in an upcoming episode of Cops and Monsters: Uprising. We’ll also take your photo with the cast and crew, providing a digital copy for you.  Travel and accommodation is not provided. Dates to be confirmed. Filming will take place in Glasgow, Scotland.

Words from the Showrunner (Fraser Coull)

Scotland television is absent of anything like Cops and Monsters. The only sci-fi/supernatural show we have is Doctor Who, and that’s made in Wales! We’d like to make our mark and join the ranks of Being Human, In the Flesh, The Fades, Primeval, Torchwood and beyond, and create an exciting, dangerous world of vampires, werewolves and zombies.

Having raised the funds to shoot 8 episodes for volume 1, our growing fanbase on Facebook and Twitter we know there is an appetite for a show like this, and so far we’ve had glowing reviews on Amazon Prime.

Not only does making a show like this allow you, the viewer, a chance to watch a brand new supernatural police thriller, but it allows us to make it for you. All of our actors, writers and crew who will be hired to work on the show will be a direct result of YOUR support.

We’re also making it to prove that it can be done and that people will watch it. Hopefully catching the eye of producers, commissioners, and other important TV people out there, maybe leading to the show being re-booted with a proper television budget, or more work for the team who work so hard on the show.

We can’t make this show without you, the fans, so if you can help us in anyway at all, it’ll bring us closer to producing all of series 2.

With your help and support, we will be able to shoot for 2 days, completing our 2nd episode. All of our backers will get a link to it before it is streamed on Amazon.

Your money will be spent on the following:

  • Hiring actors to star in each episode
  • Hiring professional TV and film crew members to work on the show
  • Book locations for each episode
  • When required, travel and accommodation for guest stars
  • Film and camera equipment
  • Regular and special effects makeup
  • Costumes for each episode
  • Props to be made and bought
  • Expenses for travelling to locations
  • Catering for each shoot date
  • Editing of each episode
  • Visual effects for each episode
  • Sound design
  • Music compositions for each episode
  • Subtitles for each episode

Season One of Cops and Monsters is available on Amazon Prime

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