Which zombie cuts the grass?

Lawn mowing zombieWhat happens when you become a zombie?

As with a lot of posts like this, it starts with a conversation over a pint in the local Public House.  This is no difference.

This time it’s about, if you couldn’t have guessed already, zombies and one of the annoyances that appear in most films of this genre.

This is the fact that the grass looks like it’s always cut short.  Also, there doesn’t seem to be much rubbish on the streets comapired to what you would expect after an outbreak of zombiism.

Does this show that when you become a member of the undead  comunity you also keep an inane knowledge of what you were before you became “infected” and carry on with the work in your current state?

This would be the only way that most of the zombie world is kept clean. Now let’s turn it around a bit an take the classic movie trope of the stoner.

They must exist. They exist in this world so why can’t they exist in this one?  Below is one way that you can describe this type of the undead

Imagine them striking up the bong and they are in a stage there the “muchies” have kicked in. They may leave the hose to try and get to White Castle or they are at home in front of the TV when they get infected?

Now, unlike the gardener or the garbage man, they don’t have a real meaning to keep everything neat. Are they now permanently trying to satisfy their craving for inexpensive fast food? Does eating the living actually take that need away? Will they forever shuffle the earth trying to find their next joint and fast food seller?

This also could explain some of the more stupid of zombies we see in films like Dawn of the Dead with the very confused, lumbering, zombies walking around the mall. are they just looking for the best chocolate bars that exist in the mall? Another twinkie to see you through the next couple of minutes or has this need been switched to brainz instead?

Zombies after food