Who is Rhino?

The latest work from acclaimed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov, director of award-winning features Gamer and Nobody and a regular at major international film festivals, Rhino is a layered exploration of the dark side of human nature through the raw portrayal of a young man’s journey.

Starting out as an aggressive delinquent, a young man nicknamed ‘Rhino’ quickly works his way up the criminal hierarchy in 1990s Ukraine. Navigating through post-Soviet times in a cutthroat society, Rhino has only known power and cruelty but with nothing left to lose, can he finally find a chance at redemption?

Rhino received its world premiere at Venice Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Film and it would go on to win Best Film at Stockholm Film Festival. Rhino is directed by Oleh Sentsov, an activist and filmmaker who was sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Russian court in 2015, due to his opposition to the annexation of Crimea. After fierce campaigning by human rights groups and colleagues in the international film community, Sentsov was released in a prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia in 2019.