Vacation’s Moments Posters

The more I see from Vacation, the more I feel sorry for Chevy Chase. This version I’m sure will leave a dark stain on the great original Vacation movie. 32 years is a long time to wait for an, almost, duplication of the original but set in modern times.

We have been sent three new posters. This set is called Moments as they show scenes of what’s going to happen in the film.

Vacation - Moments Boys Poster Vacation - Moments Truck Poster Vacation - Moments Swimming Poster

Following in his father’s footsteps and hoping for some much-needed family bonding, a grown-up Rusty Griswold surprises his wife, Debbie, and their two sons with a cross-country trip back to America’s “favorite family fun park,” Walley World.

Driving into UK cinemas August 21, 2015
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