Maggie is undead?

Maggie is being protected

As you can see from the above still, Maggie, has an interesting cast.  Would you expect Arnie to be in an arthouse film that involves zombies?  I wasn’t expecting it as well.

It’s the first film from director Henry Hobson.  It seems that he hasn’t done that bad a job at it.  The reviewers are quite split on what they think about the film with it having a 51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Other sites are giving it the same sort of score as well.

The other thing that we have is a set of images from the film.  Just click on any of the images that scroll by if you want to see a bigger version.

A teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into cannibalistic zombies. During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side.

Eating the UK cinema audience form July 24, 2015
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