Three Acclaimed Shorts By Andrea Arnold

To celebrate the theatrical release of Cow, in cinemas in the UK & Ireland now, MUBI, the theatrical distributor and global curated film streaming service will be releasing three shorts by Andrea Arnold, before Cow’s exclusive streaming debut on MUBI from 11 February 2022.

Still from Wasp

Marked by a mix of social realism and volatile emotions, the cinema of Andrea Arnold rigorously probes the lesser-seen depths of working-class experience. Grappling with the devastating debris of austere governmental policies, her films are often shot on location where the dynamic, handheld camerawork echoes the daily precarity faced by her characters. Like her celebrated features, Arnold’s early shorts are drawn to transgressive women, whose seemingly reckless behaviors embody a headstrong need to break free from the forbidding ligatures of financial woes and social mores.

Wasp (Andrea Arnold, 2003) – Now streaming on MUBI

Without support or childcare and desperate for a night out, a single mother of four must figure out what to do with her children after the guy she fancies asks her on a date.

Milk (Andrea Arnold, 1998) – Streaming on MUBI from 23 January

Following a miscarriage, Hetty decides not to attend the funeral for her child despite her husband’s pleading. She meets Martin wandering around town, and together they embark on an impulsive, drunk joyride in his car.

Dog (Andrea Arnold, 2001) – Streaming on MUBI from 7 February

After being antagonised by her mother, a teenage girl turns to her boyfriend for validation. However, an innocuous encounter with a stray dog reveals his shocking and violent nature.