The Terminator over the years

This week has been a big one for Terminator Fans.

First we saw a “motion poster”. Then came a teaser trailer advertising a teaser trailer. Now we are awaiting the full teaser trailer to be released.

After watching the teaser for the teaser trailer it got me thinking about how a cyborg ages. It shouldn’t as it’s not made of flesh and bone. This doesn’t seem to occur to The Terminator. With this, we take you down a memory lane of how the T-800 Model 101 seems to age over the years.

We first see it in 1984 after it was sent back to kill Sarah Connor from 2029.
the terminator
We see him again in 1995 [ the year the film is set ] after being sent back from the future by the older John Connor, Sarah’s son
Terminator 2
The third time we see the terminator is in 2004. Looking remarkably older than it did in its previous outing.
terminator 3
I’m now going to skip its appearance in Terminator: Salvation as there was an anti-ageing process in effect. This was called a CGI effect so I think that was cheating as it wasn’t used in its previous appearance.

The last time we see it is in the upcoming Terminator: Genisys. We don’t see that much of it but it does look like it has eaten its fair share of doughnuts over the decades that we have seen it.
HeIsBack as The Terminator
The below image will show you exactly what I mean. A cyborg that ages. A new concept in robotics. Make it look more human so it can hide easier as you wouldn’t expect the ageing process. The only other time this has happened is in Bicentennial Man.30 years of The Terminator