Based on a true story

I have already covered the worst word to read in a synopsis. Now comes another one that fills me with dread.  It’s the phase “Based on a true story”.
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This comes in a couple of different versions.  One if “Based on a true story”.  Another one is “based on the inspirational true story”. The final is “Inspired by the, inspirational, true story”.

More contain the words “Incredible”, “Impossible” or “Inspiring”:

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They all tend to share one thing in common.  Most of the true part is very loosely based on what the film is about. This is normally done for reasons that the original story is quite boring and needs spicing up for the American audience.

A good example is what “true story” The Procession is based on.  It seems that the film is based around a haunted drinks cabinet.

There is also a sub-genre of this.  That being the fake “Based on a true story”.

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I will leave you with another of a, slightly different, sub-genre.  The comedic life of a famous historical figure.  I think the below sums this up perfectly.

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