Oculus scaring the audience

Karen Gillan in OculusWhen Karren Gillan left Dr Who and Amy Pond, we were all wondering what she was going to do next. Just fade away and just be remembered for that single role.

That’s not happened as she will be playing a role in Guardians of the Galaxy. First, she will be starring in a horror. Oculus. Before starring in this film she was in Not Another Happy Ending

The story is quite a simple one. A possessed mirror kills people. The current owners try to find out how & why. Then they stop it in a convoluted way.

It seems to have a good few jumpy and unsettling sequences as the below video shows. The distributor was playing jokes on the audience of a preview screening. Set up the “Lasser Glass” and scare the living bejesus out of the unsuspecting audience members. A lot of fun was had. From both sides of the prank. The people who they interviewed.

Relax and watch other people being scared. Then scroll down and watch the trailer that explains more about what you’ll expect to see.

Director Mike Flanagan’s Oculus introduces audiences to a new kind of terror:  the eerily inscrutable Lasser Glass. This beautiful antique mirror is no ordinary villain.  Though the mirror’s true origins have been lost with its victims, it carries the name of its first recorded owner, Philip Lasser. Its seemingly harmless reflections hold a malevolent supernatural force that infects the mind of the viewer, leading to paranoia, distorted visions, and eventually, possession.

The mirror’s most recent owners, adult siblings Kaylie and Tim, are struggling to rebuild their relationship after the violent demise of their parents ten years earlier. Kaylie suspects that past tragedy was caused by the Lasser glass and as she gets closer to the truth, history begins to repeat itself. The siblings turn on each other, unsure of what is real and what isn’t… until they realize the Lasser glass has gotten a hold of them, too.

Breaking into UK cinemas June 13, 2014