Star of ‘Gloves Off’ Brad Moore names his ultimate Top 10 Sporting Comedies

To celebrate the release of Gloves Off, available now On Demand & DVD, the film’s star Brad Moore has taken a look back at the sport fuelled comedies that have knocked his socks off over the years; starring everyone from humour heavyweights like Bill Murray and John Candy to an Orangutan. We’d love if you could share the below list to highlight the film’s release, please do let us know if that will be possible?

GLOVES OFF follows Doug who, after the sudden death of his trainer during his championship fight, has inherited a crumbling debt-ridden gym, packed with a mixed bag of crazy would-be boxers.

He must raise £50,000 fast or risk watching his mentor’s legacy re-possessed and transformed into a jumped-up Pilates parlour for stock brokers. Doug agrees to train a gypsy woman’s brother to fight in a £100,000 winner-takes-all bare-knuckle contest against the ‘King of The Gypsies’.

Starting with his passion project, Brad takes a look back at the classic sports films over the years that have brought the family together for big laughs and a tug on the heart strings

Gloves Off

Directed by: Steven Nesbit

“GLOVES OFF is a piece of entertainment but it also represents to me what people can achieve when they pull together and pride kicks in.”

GLOVES OFF is available On Demand & DVD now

Slap Shot

Directed by: George Roy Hill

“Unlike some, Paul Newman’s performances just got better and better as his career evolved. He again teams up with George Roy Hill in this crazy ice hockey romp. I loved watching this quirky film in my teens and the ‘goons’ unprovoked scraps. Tickled my Dad and I pink!”

Every Which Way by Loose

Directed by: James Fargo

“What a gem of a film with Clint showing he’s more than capable in a dustup. A beautiful backdrop in the San Fernando Valley and with his Mrs Sandra Locke and a huge Orangutan in tow they must have had a blast. Right turn Clyde!”

Mike Bassett: England Manager

Directed by: Steve Barron

“Our very own Ricky Tomlinson in full swing as the doomed England Manager. It’s not coming home sadly….”