pleasure gets a new trailer & poster

MUBI, the global distributor and curated film streaming service has announced that it will be releasing Ninja Thyberg’s provocative and daring debut feature Pleasure, with Special Event Screenings on 15 June 2022, and on MUBI from 17 June 2022.

Acclaimed debut filmmaker Ninja Thyberg expands on her Cannes-winning short film of the same name with an unblinking look at the male-dominated adult film industry through the eyes of an ambitious young woman seeking stardom in Los Angeles.

Having premiered in Sundance’s World Cinema Dramatic Competition and nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, Pleasure has been making waves throughout the festival and award circuit, taking home the Jury Prize and nominated for the Grand Special Prize at Deauville, and receiving nominations at the British International Film Awards, European Film Awards and Film Independent Spirit Awards.

Pleasure features a powerful and fearless performance from breakout star Sofia Kappel, exploring refreshing and taboo-busting approaches to feminism and sex work in a male-dominated industry with remarkable, unflinching realism.

Bella arrives in Los Angeles from her hometown in Sweden, with dreams of becoming the next porn superstar. However, as her ruthless ambition leads her into increasingly dangerous territory, Bella struggles to reconcile her dreams of empowerment with the realities of the darker side of her industry.

Pleasure was co-written by Peter Modestij and produced by Eliza Jones, Markus Waltå, and Erik Hemmendorff at Plattform Produktion.