Mad Max at Comic Con

Yesterday saw the release on the web the first trailer from Mad Max. Before that, late alst week, we saw the first set of images for the film. The trailer is quite epic but I did notice that there was a car that looked familiar. That was a car, inspired I hope, from one of the films that I watch on a Friday. The image is right at the bottom of this post with the answer of what film it was from.

The trailer does make it look like it is more Mad Max 1.5 than Mad Max 4.0. It seems to be set in the time when water and gasoline is running out. We have seen what it was like before and after this happened but not whilst. This will change with Fury Road.

The other thing that was released is four character posters. They do look quite cool and we now know some names of the characters.

Mad Max 1 Mad Max 2 Mad Max 3 Mad Max 4

The car I mentioned above only appears in the trailer for about a second before it gets destroyed. I must have just caught it at the right time. It looks very similar to a car from a 1974 Austrailian film, The Cars That Ate Paris.

The Car that Ate ParisDon’t belive me? This is the car from the film. IT seems to be based on an Echidna

Echidna carThe synopsis that I was sent is basically 20 words tha can be summed up with “A new Mad Max film is coming

Oscar-winning filmmaker George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” revisits his own post-apocalyptic trilogy featuring the anti-hero known as Mad Max.

I have discovered the below, that seems to be the film’s synopsis but I would take it with a pince of salt until I get an official one.

A apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and most everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There’s Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland.

Hitting the road and entering UK cinemas May 15, 2015
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