Poe actually working…

I saw the below image on a Far Right parody page on Facebook. I thought it was something that they had discovered on the web. Either that or they got someone who had some skill in Photoshop to do it for them.

Londistan 2050Then, a couple of days later I discovered it on a Far Right organisation’s page. I had to check the date and discovered that the Far Right organisation posted it up first. Without any irony. They were talking about the disgusting Islamification and what their Muslamic Ray Guns will do to Britain. I have, since, discovered it on other Far Right websites. The ones that are more openly racist. Seemingly used with the same idea as the British group did. Irony seems to be lost on the Far Right. This seems to apply to, at least, British and American Far Right members.

More terrible things from the Far RightThe only good thing is that someone can actually love Hitler and use Photoshop at the same time. Considering one helped defeat the other 😀

The page in question is from Britain First. A Far Right organisation who is lead by a gentleman who thinks the best way to show respect to our glorious dead is to get drunk and wear a pair of underpants on his head at a Remembrance Sunday event. I’m sure an image that he doesn’t want to be all over the web. I’m here to help. Sorry, here to report what idiots get up to after a drink.

Paul Golding with underpants on his headI’m sure that the Far Right organisation wasn’t aware of Poe’s Law. I did let them know about it and I haven’t heard back from them yet. It was a bit strange seeing the, unchanged, parody first and then realising that it wasn’t a parody. The Far Right organisation posted it up first.

If you’re unaware of Poe’s Law, then I have covered it before on this blog.

If you are on facebook, I would recommend that you follow Britain Furst’s page. It just takes the mickey out of racists in a very British way. Sometimes posting the exact same image. Sometimes they also use the same caption. You can’t tell the difference if it’s serious or parody. Sometimes the racists parody themselves without the need for anyone else to try.

If you do wish to complain or troll on their websites just remember to keep to small, simple, words as it does seem that they have issues with longer words and coherent arguments!

I am apolitical. I will laugh at the idiocy of the Far Left as much as the Far Right. Unfortunately, the Far Right seems to do idiocy a lot better than the Far Left. Like the Far Right protesting against the Burka. They do this by wearing balaclavas or face masks hiding more of their faces than a Burka or a full veil…

EDL irony at its bestThey do tend to miss out on the Irony of the situation. That and wanting to ban talking lions!