Hug your SysAdmin today…

Today is SysAdmin day. To give it is full title System Administrator Appreciation Day. The day when the unsung hero of your company’s internet connections should be celebrated.

sysadminWe are a simple bunch. Always trying to keep your computers working. All the hassle with little reward. The first one to be shouted if something isn’t working but very likely to be ignored when it starts working again.

Devotion to dutyToday changes that! If you don’t feed us cake we will take the vital lead and hide it!

Today, go and find your lonely admin. You can find them in a cupboard somewhere swearing into his steaming coffee. Go in with thin food and or a cake. We like cake! Especially if it’s a coffee one.

Even better, find something that could make his job, or just his office, a bit brighter.

This glorious day is like Easter, it’s a movable feast. It’s always held on the last Friday in July. This year, I’m not going to be in the office to celebrate this celebration. I’m waiting for tomorrow to go to my best friend’s wedding. I will have to celebrate it alone, well without any other admins around, with a drink and a small cupcake with a candle in it *sniff* I’m going to try and remember to get something to my other admin for the celebration.

Songs have been sung, in the filk style, about this glorious day as well as lots of cake & ice cream has been, and will be, consumed.

As you can tell, this is the most solemn day for IT professionals. We have to celebrate the fact that we’re unwanted until it all goes wrong and then we get it in the neck.

So, please be nice to your IT professionals today. Even if it’s just today. We all need your love like the rest of your colleagues.