Lassie: A New Adventure heading to UK Cinemas this May

One of Hollywood’s most iconic canines is back! Kaleidoscope Entertainment is delighted to share the new trailer and poster for the upcoming Lassie: A New Adventure, heading to UK Cinemas from 3rd May.

Successfully re-establishing Lassie as a contemporary heroine for modern audiences following the global success of Lassie Come Home (2020), a remake based on the original book by Erik Knight, Director Hanno Oldierssen returns with another thrilling family adventure! You’d be barking mad to miss it!

It’s the summer holidays! But this year, Flo doesn’t want to be separated from Lassie: instead of spending their holidays in Gran Canaria with their parents, Flo and his loyal best friend opt to visit their Aunt Cosima’s farm in South Tyrol, where she lives with Jack Russell terrier Pippa, and her foster children Kleo and Henri.

The adventurous pair soon find themselves in the middle of an alarming new mystery – all of the pedigree dogs in the village are disappearing! When Pippa is the next to be stolen, Lassie’s detective skills are put to the ultimate test in a tense race against time to catch the thieves, rescue Pippa, and foil the despicable dognapping scheme once and for all!

Directed by Hanno Olderdissen, Lassie: A New Adventure stars Nico Marischka, Katharina Schüttler, Justus von Dohnányi, Annette Frier, Anna Lucia Gualano and Pelle Staacken.

Director, Hanno Olderdissen and Producer, Henning Ferber said, “When Lassie Come Home was released in cinemas at the beginning of 2020 it was soon clear: the collie dog had yet again become a celebrated star, with the film being a huge hit in over 150 countries worldwide. The momentum created by the first adventure’s success allowed us to continue on our journey and Lassie has been made even more active in the sequel – of course we also have strong human protagonists, but it was important to us that it was Lassie who led through the story. We want to tell an adventure for children, but also for adults who still know Lassie from their childhood.”