Lassie: A New Adventure

UK PG Certificate
In cinemas
May 3, 2024
1 Hour 32 Minutes
From Kaleidoscope Film Distribution
infrequent mild bad language, violence, dangerous behaviour

It's the summer holidays! But this year, Flo doesn't want to be separated from Lassie: instead of spending their holidays in Gran Canaria with their parents, Flo and his loyal best friend opt to visit their Aunt Cosima’s farm in South Tyrol, where she lives with Jack Russell terrier Pippa, and her foster children Kleo and Henri.

The adventurous pair soon find themselves in the middle of an alarming new mystery – all of the pedigree dogs in the village are disappearing! When Pippa is the next to be stolen, Lassie’s detective skills are put to the ultimate test in a tense race against time to catch the thieves, rescue Pippa, and foil the despicable dognapping scheme once and for all!

Last updated
March 20, 2024

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