100 days of UKIP meltdowns

UKIP policy explainedI was going through my collection of random images that I have discovered on the web and one jumped out at me. That one reminded me of UKIP and their policies. I know, it could be any of the right but this seemed to fit that party of scaremongers.

A couple of days ago Channel 4 here in the UK showed a program about the First 100 days of a UKIP parliament. Afterwards UKIP supporters hit Twitter, and probably other social media sites, and it was a quite spectacular UKIP meltdown. I was on twitter and I don’t think I have laughed so much with UKIP supporters, or UKIPpers as they are called, calling for Channel 4 to be prosecuted &c. For a party that believes in free speech they were quite adamant that the broadcaster, Channel 4, should be dragged before the court to explain its guilt!

Even before the program was broadcast KIPpers were complaining about how disgusting, in their eyes, the program would be. Nigel Farage, UKIP’s leader and 5th worst voting MEP, was given the chance to watch the program before release and have his say. He declined the offer for some reason. It can’t be that he’s too busy with his job as an MEP as he does have one of the worst voting records in the European Parliament. He must have been trying to stop the evil EU funding the party. Sorry, no again as he was, probably, brokering deals with various far right parties to keep hold of a pot worth around the £1.5 million mark. That smells a bit hypocritical to me.

I’m not going to talk about how they vote, when they can be bothered to turn up to vote. Like voting against tax avoidance measures, the ban on ivory or violence against women. That list can go on and on. Just remember that all the information is on the European Parliament’s website to show transparency.

They have the same feeling to me as Britain First. A very Far Right organisation that believes in Free speech as well. Well as long as the speech is the same as they think. It took me about three weeks for them to ban me from adding comments on their facebook page. A page that has hundreds of thousands of likes but they can’t get more than a couple of dozen, seemingly drunk, people to turn up for their latest demonstration!

The only think that I was confused at was when the program used the flag of Israel as a symbol for a far right demonstration. Was that because they were told by their lawyers that they shouldn’t use the Nazi Swastika? Also, it seemed that they had a demonstration of far more people than tend to turn up to that sort of demonstration today…

Now, I wonder how many complaints I’m going to get from froffy KIPpers