It’s all because of the gays & atheists!

That’s what I have read over the last couple of weeks It’s all the Gays & Atheists are causing this weather.

I always thought the Flying Spaghetti Monster would help but by the sounds of the sane people in UKIP he won’t save me this time.

I’m not sure if I should switch deities to make me arrive into Preston under an hour late [this now isn’t the case]. Would it help? If it is homosexual marriage that is causing it then it must have been the homophobic bigots that kept us safe from the Almighty’s wrath since the great flood.

Atheists hiding under Gay Rain?

OK, so I’m being a bit flippant about a serious issue. Some of the more religious. The “religious right” as America describes them would have agreed with what I have said in the opening couple of paragraphs.

I do agree that the weather is a bit freakish, but not that abnormal for the sort of events that happen once in a while. Ask a geologist or earth scientist if you want to know exactly, down to the umpteenth decimal place. On the other hand, just put it down to the gulf stream doing odd things and we will, probably, have to throw in Siberia and a cyclonic [or possibly an anticyclonic for good measure] wind to help!

Back to this train. Whilst writing this I’ve been stationary just outside Preston station for the best part of half an hour, and growing. We’re being told its “line failure”. Anyone know what that means as I’ve got no idea!

At least I’m keeping informed via twitter about the state of the transport system – it’s screwed at the moment! Now its looking like I maybe home before 10pm but only just by the looks of it. I’m just happy that I have good footwear if we “de train” here in the middle of nowhere.

Its now just after eight, that means I’m an hour and twenty minutes late and still not at Preston. Its just good that I take all my daily drugs out with me in the morning!

Whist stationary we have seen three trains pass us on a different line. Were not getting a bit frustrated because of the delays and some of us have connection to make. I’m praying that there is a train onwards tonight as I don’t have my morning drugs with me.

As a finally, I’ve managed to get home, not that long ago by the way. After 4 hours since I set off from Manchester I got home. When everything was sorted out I figured out that we arrived in Preston, just under, two hours late. It was chaotic at the station. More police that on a football match day and a couple of annoyed travellers wondering what the heck was going on.