Jack Reacher Never Go Back has a poster

The first international poster for the upcoming second outing of Jack Reacher has arrived. What does it tell us about the film? Nothing more than what the trailers can tell you. It stars Tom Cruise some woman.  There is a shoot out that involves a police car and, at least, one explosion.

It is very much a “Tom Cruise poster”.  Side on, front and center of the poster.  It’s hard to describe the expression but it does look worried.  I’m sure it’s meant to show his focus but it just doesn’t pull that off.  I’ll let you decide…

Jack Reacher Never Go Back poster

There, still, isn’t an official synopsis available at the moment. Paramount UK haven’t been sent one so all I can give you is what it says on the youtube page. As soon as it appears I’ll add it to the site.

The legendary Jack Reacher returns in the first trailer for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

Fighting into UK cinemas October 21, 2016
Find out more at the official website