FILMZIE launches short film competition #OneMinuteTwist with Raindance

Free streaming platform FILMZIE is proud to announce the launch of short film competition #OneMinuteTwist with Raindance.

With a platform consisting of content ranging from blockbusters, independent cinema, comedy and drama TV gems and documentaries available for free, FILMZIE is offering budding filmmakers the opportunity to have their film distributed on their streaming service.

The competition partnership with Raindance is a commitment to the FILMZIE support of independent filmmakers and to provide exposure to exciting new cinematic productions.

The #OneMinuteTwist Short Film Competition is OPEN!

Juraj Vanko, Chief Marketing Officer, FILMZIE, comments “At FILMZIE we are a team of film lovers, we’re passionate about finding hidden gems, original ideas, bold storytelling, and under-represented voices. We care about supporting indie filmmakers and giving their movies the big, global audiences they deserve. Raindance has a wonderful, long history of nurturing the next generation of creators. Working with them on this competition has confirmed how closely we share the same values. Great films are made to be seen and we can’t wait to see what amazing shorts emerge from this competition.

FIMZIE and Raindance invite filmmakers to submit their one-minute short film with the theme of ‘One Minute Twist’. The concept is that the films will provide an unexpected surprise twist at the end, subverting perceptions of the story, and takes inspiration from the films of M. Night Shyamalan.

The short-list winners will be distributed on the FILMZIE streaming platform in a dedicated section for the competition. The final winner will receive extended distribution of their film on FILMZIE as well as tickets to the 29th Raindance Film Festival.

Elliot Grove, Raindance Founder, stated, “As the founder of Raindance, we empower the underdogs of independent film, and are offering a whole new experience to our audience by teaming up with FILMZIE, a free streaming service, for an exclusive competition. This opens the door for 15 winners to have their film available on the platform, putting their films in front of the eyes that want to see them.