Groucho Arts in post-production of new crime thriller ‘Tales of Babylon’

 Groucho Arts can confirm that they have concluded shooting their new crime thriller Tales of Bablyon and are currently in post-production.

The film stars Clive Russell, Billie Gadsdon, Aaron Cobham, Paul Cassidy, Maria Crittell and Ray Calleja. Tales of Babylon is directed by Pelayo De Lario, his second feature length title following Jack, which was well recieved at festivals in 2021, winning several awards.

The film follows two siblings looking to escape their abusive mobster grandfather, who join forces with a pair of hitmen with a knack for the theatrical in their search for a new life in this tale of crime, violence, and redemption. Crime, money and violence in London are at the centre of this tale of modern Babylon.

The film was shot around the London Docklands, Brixton, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Hoxton.

Talking about the film, Film Director Pelayo De Lario said, “Tales of Babylon is a compilation of stories from the points of view of different criminals in London, modern day Babylon. I wrote Tales of Babylon as a type of love letter to this city, a story compiling all the stories and characters that make this city unique, that make a melting pot of different cultures and stories, a city with a thousand different tales and just as many ways of telling them. I wanted to show a different side of the city I love so much, a side that felt more real to my experiences growing up here. Tales of Babylon intends to take a deeper look at what really makes London the way it is.

I also intend Tales of Babylon to be a new kind of movie, a movie created by a new type of filmmaker, one that caters to the wants and desires of a new generation of viewers who see the world and entertainment in a whole different way, who interpret films and tv with a different lens a different way of understating pacing and rhythm. A generation who needs constant gratification and seeks it everywhere they go“.

Elena Conte, CEO Grouch Arts said, “Tales of Babylon presented an opportunity for Groucho Arts to take a step further into the film industry, a more solidified, more ambitious step. At Groucho Arts we believe in giving young creatives opportunities to showcase their unique voices and Pelayo certainly is a shining example of that. Pelayo’s creative drive and very personal view of the world made him a perfect director to drive a project like this forward. His ability as a writer is remarkable for someone so young, interweaving stories and narratives with dialogue that flows naturally and effortlessly, while bringing a sense of rhythm and pace to his storytelling that’s very representative of the way media is consumed today by the younger generations of viewers.

Once post-production is complete, Groucho Arts will be looking to take the film to the festival circuit.