Dobermann is back in UK cinemas after 25 years

Following his extraordinary breakthrough in La Haine, Vincent Cassel once again explodes onto the screen in viciously exciting thrill-ride Dobermann, a rampant tour de force crime thriller set to the pulse-pounding beats of The Prodigy and hitting the streets once again in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

A crook known as ‘Dobermann’ has a soft spot for guns, and he loves using them – especially to rob banks. Flanked by his deaf but equally violent lover, plus a brutal and bizarre pack of fellow thieves, Dobermann pulls off a tricky job with a mercilessly high body count. Following the violent heist, a rogue cop is hot on their heels and he’ll stop at nothing to take down the insane criminal gang…

An all-guns-blazing cult crime thriller starring Vincent Cassel (La Haine), Monica Bellucci (The Matrix franchise) and Romain Duris (The Beat That My Heart Skipped), with music from The Prodigy. Dobermann is directed by Jan Kounen.