Arnie is back as The Guardian

Two new things hit my in-box earlier about the upcoming Terminator Genisys. One is actually good. The below “TV spot”. The other is, well another thing all together. It’s the first full shot of Arnie. Not playing a terminator, well sort of, but a character called The Guardian. A world where the original terminator, 30 years older and fatter helps protect Sarah Connor where a plethora of new terminators try and stop them.

The trailer seems to show that the new Terminator is the same model as in Terminator II a T-1000 model.

The image of Arnie, on the other hand doesn’t look that badly photoshopped but with the amount of plastic on his face takes away from that fact. It sort of draws your eye towards his.

It look almost like his face in the original where he does an operation on his own eye.  Fortunately not that bad but it’s not good.  It’s the bit of silver metal that gives how much they have added to that side

When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely allies, including the Guardian, dangerous new enemies, and an unexpected new mission: To reset the future

Fighting to save humanity from UK cinemas July 3, 2015
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